Are you ready to consider different contexts that could help facilitate your approach to being physically and psychologically healthy? Then jump on the health-promoting bandwagon!

It is a publication on health-promoting practices that I’m excited to share with anyone interested in reading about productive ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, there are countless websites and blogs on health that have been around for quite some time. This blog offers ideas on living a healthy lifestyle with consideration given to contexts that may not immediately come to mind as health-promoting. It includes ideas inspired by personal experiences, work-related experiences, and health education resources on simple ways to feel physically and mentally fit and how engaging in health-promoting practices can sometimes result in a positive outcome on a family or community level.

What do I mean by “the Context” of Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses a host of lifestyle practices. Exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep are some of the common lifestyle practices that come to mind when one thinks of what it means to be healthy. While these are important health-promoting practices, recognizing the value of other seemingly obvious health-promoting behaviors (e.g., not smoking, controlling alcohol consumption, having an annual physical) and some not always obvious health-promoting behaviors (e.g., maintaining good posture, drinking adequate amounts of water daily, learning to play a musical instrument, being surrounded by positive-thinking people) along with one’s belief of an attitude toward healthy living are equally important.

Also important is establishing a routine or an atmosphere in the home or work setting that foster health-promoting practices. One such example is eating dinner together as a family. Studies have suggested several health-promoting benefits of making the dinner hour a family affair. Benefits include the increased likelihood of eating healthy meals, the decreased likelihood of adolescents obtaining poor grades and using drugs, and the decreased likelihood of children and adolescents developing depression or an eating disorder. Another example can be found at a New York-based telecom company where employees are permitted to form music bands that compete with one another. These employees are reported to be “happy colleagues” and to do their work in a manner that makes “happy customers.” This makes for a win-win, health-promoting work setting. (Hear more about this telecom company’s creative approach to promoting happiness among its employees.)

Frequency of Blog Posts

I love to write, but my schedule determines how much time I’m able to devote to this endeavor.

My goal is to publish two blogs per month. I will publish more than two when my schedule permits it. I figured when my time is limited, at the very least, a couple of blogs in one month is better than none. It used to bother me when I didn’t publish much, especially when I started this blog. I see it now, however, as playing it safe since I’m already juggling family time, my day job, and other responsibilities 🙂

Editing This Blog

Between juggling other responsibilities and sometimes writing on my mobile device instead of a computer or laptop, I will run the risk of readers asking the question, “Did this guy proofread his work?”

Please understand that I’m the only editor for this site. This means that I may miss grammatical mistakes, despite proofreading the heck out of the draft, by the time a blog post is published. I always go back (usually more than once) to review published posts to correct any grammatical errors I missed and to ensure that I am presenting good writing to my readers 🙂

Life Outside the Blog

While writing a blog is something I consider exciting and “health-promoting,” other exciting things in my life include my time with my wife and kids, outdoor activities, strumming my guitar, and eating good food, especially spicy dishes 😉

Important Information to Know About This Blog (i.e., Disclaimer)

This blog is a fun endeavor that is intended to be for entertainment and/or informational purposes only. Please note that this blog is not intended to provide treatment recommendations of any kind or to be a substitute for seeking treatment from a qualified healthcare provider. This blog is also not intended to promote any particular exercise or diet programs over other health promoting activities although exercise and diet are two subjects that will be included in some posts. For anyone who is considering to start an exercise or diet program, please speak first with your primary care provider as a way to ensure that the program is right for you and not a detriment to your health.

Contents of This Blog

Finally, as the writer of this blog, I reserve the right to change its content at any time.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you find this blog enjoyable, inspiring, and health-promoting!

Pedro Antonio

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