I started this blog for a couple of reasons. The first stems from a developing interest as a psychology major, many years ago, in understanding how the context of a situation can influence behavior. This eventually grew into an interest in understanding the interrelationship of physical health and psychological health and how fostering these two areas help to improve quality of life. And I’m not the only one who share an interest in this. Departments of public health in many states are making an effort to promote good health practices through community programs and by making public health announcements through various media formats. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion have a website devoted to this topic. The second reason stems from personal experiences that have helped me to better understand and appreciate the importance of being physically and psychologically healthy.

I have made it a practice to engage in health-promoting behaviors by considering different contexts that help to facilitate this practice. I have also seen others do the same. This practice eventually led to an interest in writing about the benefit of practicing health-promoting behaviors and avoiding health-defeating ones. An idea came to mind to find a medium to share my thoughts about the simple things that could enhance physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing. It is an idea I have kicked around for some time and did not initially consider a blog as a way of launching it. In time, I have come to realize that blogging is a great way to share this information with anyone interested in this topic.

Editing This Blog

Between juggling other responsibilities and sometimes writing on my mobile device instead of a computer or laptop, I will run the risk of readers asking the question, “Did this guy proofread his work?”

Please understand that I’m the only editor for this site. This means that I may miss grammatical mistakes, despite proofreading the heck out of the draft, by the time a blog post is published. I usually benefit from someone else proofreading my work but this resource is not available to me at this time.  I always go back (usually more than once) to review published posts to correct any grammatical errors I missed and to ensure that I am presenting good writing to my readers 🙂

Life Outside the Blog

While writing a blog is something I consider exciting and “health-promoting,” other exciting things in my life include my time with my wife and kids, outdoor activities, strumming my guitar, and eating good food, especially spicy dishes 😉

Important Information to Know About This Blog (i.e., Disclaimer)

This blog is a fun endeavor that is intended to be for entertainment and/or informational purposes only. Please note that this blog is not intended to provide treatment recommendations of any kind or to be a substitute for seeking treatment from a qualified healthcare provider. This blog is also not intended to promote any particular exercise or diet programs although exercise and diet are two subjects that will be included in some posts. For anyone who is considering to start an exercise or diet program, please speak first with your primary care provider as a way to ensure that the program is right for you and not a detriment to your health.

Finally, as the writer of this blog, I reserve the right to change its content at any time.

Pedro Antonio

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