Stair Climbing with Art: A Health-promoting Combo


Do you mind climbing stairs? It is indeed a health-promoting activity if it is done on a regular basis. Many, however, may view stair climbing as mundane, if not too strenuous, especially if they are climbing the stairwell in the building of their residence or workplace. Those who substitute a Stairmaster for real stairs may still share similar sentiments for this form of physical activity. What may lead these individuals to think differently about a stair-climbing workout is the opportunity to turn this simple, yet vigorous form of exercise into an art-filled, outdoor adventure. The trick is finding a place that offers this.

Los Angeles Times reporter, Roy. M. Wallack (pictured in the above photo), wrote an article about the Painted Stairways Tour that’s worth the read. He describes twelve stairways in the hilly Silver Lake region that, together, form a 6.7-mile stair-climbing route that is bound to satisfy anyone looking for an art-filled, aerobic escapade.

Those who do the tour should expect to burn calories and feel the aches upon its completion. They also should anticipate pleasure in viewing artwork consisting of “murals, bright geometric patterns and funny sayings.”


If you plan to visit L.A., make time to pass through Silver Lake for an opportunity to do a popular tour that combines exercise with local artwork that is colorful and reflective of meaningful life themes.

For more on the Painted Stairways Tour, read Wallack’s article.

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

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