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This post originally was published in May 2017. It is being republished in celebration of the Health-promoting Bandwagon’s one year anniversary (see the recent post, The Health-promoting Bandwagon Turns One: Observing and Exciting Time for a Health and Wellness Blog). It is my pride and joy, as it is my first blog post where I speak about the reason it may be worth your time to read the HPB blog.


Are you ready to consider different contexts that could help facilitate your approach to being physically and psychologically healthy? Then jump on the Health-promoting Bandwagon! It’s not as complicated as you think 😉

What is the Health-promoting Bandwagon? It’s a publication on health-promoting practices that I’m excited to share with anyone interested in reading about productive ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, there are countless websites and blogs on health that have been around for quite some time. My blog offers my thoughts on the context of living a healthy lifestyle. These thoughts are not mere opinions or musings about making a lifestyle change. These thoughts are a culmination of personal experiences, the experiences of other people, and educational information that inspired ideas I have and stories I would like to share about simple ways to feel physically and mentally fit. It is my hope that from reading my blog, you will develop an appreciation of how engaging in health-promoting practices benefits the individual person, families, and communities.

What do I Mean by the Context of Living a Healthy Lifestyle?

Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses a host of lifestyle practices. Exercise, eating a healthy diet, and adequate sleep are some of the common lifestyle practices that comes to mind when one thinks of what it means to be healthy. While these are important health-promoting practices, recognizing the value of other seemingly obvious health promoting behaviors (e.g., not smoking, controlling alcohol consumption, having an annual physical) and some not always obvious health-promoting behaviors (e.g., maintaining good posture, drinking adequate amounts of water daily, learning to play a musical instrument, watching the sunset, being surrounded by positive-thinking people) along with one’s belief of, and attitude toward, healthy living are equally important. (Take a look at the Why Read My Blog section of this site for more on why it may be worth your time to read HPB.)

Frequency of Blog Posts

Blog posts are published once a week and, at times, published twice a week. There may be instances, however, when I will publish only two or three blogs a month. Why? As a husband and father of three who juggles family life, a day job, and a blog, among other interesting things, there are times when I’m unable to complete all the tasks on my to-do list. The interesting thing is that, in spite of having many responsibilities, I engage in many of these undertakings with much pleasure. Thus, when I need to cut back on one or more tasks, such as writing for this blog, there is, usually, a strong yearning to return to them as soon as possible. So when I do take a break from blogging, know that my love for, and devotion to, the Health-promoting Bandwagon remains at an all-time high 🙂

Thanks for visiting. Hope you find this blog enjoyable, inspiring, and health-promoting!

Pedro Antonio

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