Being Thankful of Nature’s Colors in Autumn

For those residing in the United States, today’s the eve of one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Many will spend the day preparing a turkey (or other delectable main courses), stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie along with many other scrumptious dishes.

As much as I enjoy the celebration of indulging in good food and being thankful, I am still wallowing in photo images of colorful trees I took several weeks ago. After all, it is still autumn 🙂

It’s difficult not to notice the changing foliage of North America in autumn. While there are those individuals who justly boast about the colors of spring, including the blooming, bright green leaves and the colorful variety of flowering plants, the second season of the year is not the only time when individuals take notice of nature’s beauty. The vibrant hue of changing leaves also makes autumn a favorite time of year for many nature admirers. Whether these admirers are residents of, or visitors to, the northern United States or southern Canadian provinces, know that for them, taking in the picturesque view of tree crowns in various shade of red, purple, orange, or yellow is a must-do ritual.

I happen to be one of these admirers. Here’s a recent photo that was taken at a soccer field in Massachusetts where my two older boys played this season. I call it Nature’s Colors in Autumn.

I found that the contrast of the foliage and a boldly green lawn created a delightful juxtaposition of two seasons of the year competing for the attention of any nature admirer taking notice. While the overcast sky appears to have reduced the vibrancy of the leaves in the above picture, for this admirer, it remains a colorful image to bask in.

Photo credit: Health-promoting Bandwagon

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