Kids at Play: An Outdoor Liberation During COVID-19

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“Wait patiently.” 

This statement is what many parents probably told their children who were peering out the window when they’d inquired for the umpteenth time if they could finally venture outdoors to a familiar outdoor setting for outdoor recreation. After three months of confinement at home due to a stay-at-home mandate for many towns and cities around the globe, it’s no wonder kids (and probably parents) are eagerly running to playgrounds during the reopening of many public grounds and parks considered forbidden territory during the earlier months of the global pandemic.

The two pictures in this piece, collectively called, Kids at Play, Finally!, depict three boys whose eagerness for outdoor adventure is apparent. They were dutifully wearing a mask while determined to have fun. And the park where the idea of fun is evident in its attractions, including a long tube slide, a playground, a generously sized sandbox (referred to as the “Beach Area”), a petting zoo, a ski slope, a field for sports, numerous picnic areas with tables, and a scenic lookout point (the park is situated 390 feet above sea level), is the reason kids and adults alike are enjoying a return to this hidden gem in southern Massachusetts. 

The Hidden Gem

The park I speak of with delight is the World War I Memorial Park and Zoo in North Attleborough, Massachusetts, on Watery Hill (approximately 17 miles or 30 minutes north of Providence, Rhode Island). It has delighted many since its opening in 1968. Trip Advisor lists it as the number one “things to do” in this Bristol County town. It’s free to the public and is, once again, open seven days a week, except holidays.

© The Health-promoting Bandwagon

A Venue with Plenty of Open Space

On the day I visited the park (two weeks ago), no large crowds were present anywhere. From my observation, only families (that is, caregivers with kids) and groups of two to four adults were visiting. And visitors remained socially distant while giving a smile or a wave of the hand to one another. It was pleasing to see that there was plenty of open space to permit any visitor to feel comfortable in this new normal.

If You’re Ready to Venture Out…

This peaceful venue is worth a visit if you find yourself traveling through southern Massachusetts, especially during the warm-weather months. 

In the meantime, I’m hoping you and your loved ones have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, as towns and cities across the globe are easing social restrictions as part of a phasing-in, reopening period. And when you venture out, please remember to follow social distancing guidelines, stay safe, and have fun.

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