The Blooming Beauty of Spring

It’s the time of year when leafless trees suddenly fill up with green foliage and colorful flowers bloom around us. Yes! It’s spring. And by midseason, most of us are welcoming milder temperatures that arouse us to spend less time indoors.

It’s the time of year when many of us are excited to put our winter jackets in storage. Some of us try to get away with shorts and a tee when it’s sunny at a mere 60 degrees. But one thing I believe most of us have in common is an eagerness to enjoy the outdoors. And I believe most would agree this is an ideal season to embark on a nature walk and take in the alluring sights of primavera.

© The Health-promoting Bandwagon.

This post includes a couple of pictures from a jaunt on a New England trail that filled me with delight and the peace of mother nature. I’ll say more about this in an upcoming post about the health-promoting benefits of nature walks. In the meantime, make time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of springtime.

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