Beach Life: One of Nature’s Beautiful Escapes

The days of summer are winding down. Many are looking to do as much as possible during the remaining warm days of the season. One destination that is popular to the very end is the beach. It may be no surprise that the beach is a top pick for many. But did you know that venturing to this coastal setting has health-promoting outcomes?

Plymouth Beach, Plymouth, MA. © The Health-promoting Bandwagon.

Sun, Sand, and Sea: Nature’s Sweet Package Deal

Here are some of the things people say they find pleasing about a stretch of sand (small or vast) before a large body of water:

  • the sea breeze and warm sun.
  • the sounds of crashing waves.
  • feeling at peace in one of nature’s serene settings while laying on a blanket or sitting on a lounge chair. 

Ask beach enthusiasts about life at the beach and we would likely hear them say, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

From these descriptors, it’s apparent that the beach and ocean, together, are one of nature’s best getaways. And when we add clear, blue skies, we’re presented with a seaside spot that epitomizes the image of summer. It’s an escape that offers a captivating experience for most people who delight in spending time by the water.

Another charm of a day at the beach is there isn’t much preparation or items needed. All one has to do is bring a chair and a bottled water, sit, and bask in this coastal environment to relax and enjoy the day. While it’s advisable to wear sunscreen to protect one’s skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and to avoid tracking sand back to anywhere that’s not the beach, choosing to be surrounded by sunlight, granular ground material, and a salty sea breeze is an easy and practical option for a summer day trip.  And it’s an option that comes with physical and psychological benefits.

Benefits of Beach Life 

Some people may avoid the ocean water and, instead, choose to walk along the beach or play frisbee with others. One unavoidable thing, however, is the sun. And this is not a bad outcome (after putting on a sufficient amount of sunscreen). According to Danielle Dresden’s piece in Medical News Today, it’s a health gain. Dresden explained, “Sunlight is essential for human health and well-being.” Anyone exposed to sunlight, especially for an extended period, receives a rich dose of vitamin D, a necessary nutrient for the human body. Vitamin D is considered vital in several ways: 

  • it supports bone health
  • it lowers blood pressure
  • it prevents disease
  • it promotes mental stability.

There are also other benefits of beach life besides the warmth of the yellow skylight. Web MD lists four ways that time at the beach helps individuals to feel mentally balanced long after their coastal escapade:

  • it adds variety to one’s daily routine through a change of scenery
  • it improves overall well-being
  • it creates an experience that helps to decrease  stress
  • it lifts one’s mood. 
Plymouth Beach, Plymouth, MA. © The Health-promoting Bandwagon.

To learn more about how each health benefit impacts a person’s well-being, read the articles at  and In the meantime, enjoy one of nature’s beauty by the water. And if you don’t live near the coast but have lakes nearby, know that lakeside beaches are just as fun and healthy. So, don’t hesitate to spend time by the water (whether at the lake or the ocean) and enjoy life at the beach.

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