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Season’s Greetings!

As I enter the final month of the year, I’m preparing to spend this festive time with loved ones and partake in holiday events. I’m also reflecting on the development of the Health-promoting Bandwagon over the course of the year. Pondering on HPB’s growth has compelled me to highlight a couple of add-ons that has brought me added joy as a writer of this blog.

This past spring, I elected to create two special categories: My Musings and Health-promoting Picture Moment.  These two topics stem from personal interests I feel would be fun to write about.

Simple Musings

20170512_142304493662074.jpgMy Musings involve topics that are, as the title implies, simple musings that I find personally fascinating, such as music. For instance, the latest release of Jimi Hendrix’s music that posthumously recognizes and honors unreleased recordings of the guitar legend prompted me to write the piece on his artistic contribution to music (published March 2018). While there was nothing about this piece that related directly to health and wellness, I felt inspired to write about it and share it with readers. I figured since I already had planned at the time to write two other postings on the health benefits of music, I felt the one on Hendrix could be an additional treat for anyone who has an appreciation for this art form.

A Picture Moment

img_20180408_1237381416332212.jpgThe Health-promoting Picture Moment is the result of my participating in the WordPress forum, Weekly Photo Challenge. This forum came to my attention earlier this year while exploring the different arenas where WordPress bloggers share their works with one another. It, unfortunately, ended in May 2018 after having a successful run of several years. Despite my brief involvement in this forum (i.e., only two publications), it captivated my interest enough to create a category that is devoted exclusively to sharing favorites from my photo collection.

Types of Posts to Expect

Because I consider these two categories to be an offshoot of health and wellness, it seems appropriate to list them under the Health-promoting Bandwagon (for now). Thus, some of My Musings and Picture Moment postings will be related directly to health. Other postings, however, will be more about “simple musings” and sharing fun, impromptu photo moments.

If I find myself publishing regularly under these two categories, I may consider the creation of two separate blogs devoted to these topics. In the meantime, my goal is to simply entertain you and hopefully leave you with an indelible impression.


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