Relaxing to the Sounds of Rain and Music in the Summer

Waking up to a window view of rain with leafy, green vegetation as a backdrop inspired me to share a piece I wrote two years ago.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, it began to rain with a comfortably cool breeze. I found it to be a welcomed change after several days of hot, humid weather. Upon hearing the raindrops, I was motivated to play music while preparing lunch for myself and my 16-month-old son. I settled on Spanish guitar music and played songs from the albums, The Very Best of Spanish Guitar (various artists), and Spanish Classical Guitar (Vol. I), by Antonio de Lucena. Hearing the sound of a nylon string guitar along with that of rain proved to be a great choice for a damp, sunless summer day. After all, a warm, rainy day can be just as much fun as a sun-filled one.

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