What Attitudes Did You Permit for Yourself During and After the Super Bowl?


On Super Bowl Sunday, I permitted myself to enjoy the game with my wife and kids, no matter the outcome. I also permitted myself to indulge in tasty appetizers, including Buffalo chicken fingers, jalapeno poppers, cheeseburger egg rolls, and loaded quesadillas. I was indeed a happy guy. Today, I permitted myself to offset the high cholesterol food consumption from the day before with a healthier diet. This included a banana with milk and cereal for breakfast and black tea and herbal tea throughout the day (I’m a big fan tea).

Friends cheering for the New England Patriots were understandably heartbroken by their loss. These friends told me that they woke up this morning knowing that, despite the Pat’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the New England football team remains one of the best, if not the best, in NFL history. I agree! Several of these friends, however, did permit themselves to take on a good sportsmanship attitude by noting, “You can’t win them all!” They even permitted themselves to acknowledge that the Eagles played very well and deserve the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

What should you permit for yourself? Permit yourself to embrace a health-promoting attitude. Permit yourself to engage in a physical or mental activity that enhances your well-being. Permit yourself to see the cup half-full. Permit yourself quality time with family and friends. Permit yourself to accept challenging days when you may come out somewhat scathed. Permit yourself to say “yuck!” when witnessing the tradition of every single player of a winning football team kissing the same trophy. Permit yourself to dislike football. (Yes! I said it! After all, many football fans and non-fans understandably are concerned about the risk of repeated head trauma that is inherent in the game.) And permit yourself to congratulate a team that wins a major championship, such as the Superbowl, even if it is not the team you were rooting for.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for a game well played.

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