Teacher Appreciation Week: Thanking an Invaluable Professional.

As the son of a retired school teacher, I had the pleasure of observing my mother’s devotion to the pedagogy of all subject matters and cultivating personal growth in children during her career. And I have memories of several teachers, from grade school to college, whose dedication to their profession was evident in the time and care they took to ensure that students learned and felt like valued classroom participants. Thus, I can speak personally to the invaluable impact that teachers have made on the lives of many students.

Most people likely would agree that to nourish the mind with knowledge is to nourish the soul of individuals in all they do for themselves, others, and their community. For some, this nourishment of knowledge becomes a lifelong pursuit. One of the most important development periods of life for this nourishment, however, is during childhood.

A Worthy Calling

Nourishing the child’s mind with knowledge is a practice undertaken by the centuries-old profession of teaching. It involves a commitment that many may consider a formidable endeavor. Yet, there are those individuals inspired to jump on the education bandwagon by becoming a teacher. Their dedication and motivation to prepare youths for a promising future is the reason Mr. Rogers called them (and parents) “the most important people in the world.” 

What’s amazing is that many teachers proudly embrace their vocational calling in the face of budget cuts and limited educational resources. And to take on this endeavor, knowing that there may be limited learning materials, teaching tools, or staff, is nothing short of reflecting an admirable attribute that we all should strive to embody.

A Worthy Celebration

Let’s pay homage to all teachers devoted to fostering the intellectual and social growth of all youths. Let’s also be cognizant of the importance of supporting this invaluable profession by championing the need of adequate funding in education, especially in underserved areas, to ensure that all students have equal access to a good education.

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