Happy New Year: Welcoming 2022

There may be reasons why many may feel uncertain about the New Year. An ongoing pandemic and the possibility of coming down with COVID, even when vaccinated, are major ones. But there are reasons to also feel thankful, hopeful, and blessed. If you’re surrounded by loved ones, in good health, or managing life challenges better than expected, then you have good reasons to welcome the New Year with arms wide open. 

Here’s How I Found Myself at the End of 2021

As a vaccinated person who recovered from COVID (i.e., I wasn’t asymptomatic when I tested positive) in December, I felt grateful and blessed. Knowing that there are measures that improve health outcomes and move us closer to a return to the old normal are reasons to stay positive in the new year.

And as someone who knows of cherished individuals who departed us in 2021, some leaving us far too soon, I chose to light a candle in remembrance. I pray that they’re resting in peace and that anyone mourning the loss of a loved one is being comforted during her or his time of sorrow.

Best Wishes to All

Wishing peace, happiness, hope, faith, and good health to all.  Here’s to a safe and healthier year.

Pedro Antonio

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