Beauty at Twilight

On a cold and brisk January evening, the sight of a bright, crescent moon caught my eye while looking up at the twilight sky.

I’m always captivated by the image of the evening sky. Whether it’s the moon or sky hues at sunset, it’s always a welcoming celestial view. Together, they create a view that heightens one’s sense of awe. In the above picture (recently taken with my mobile phone), the surrounding leafless, snow-covered trees alongside tall pine trees provided a wintery silhouette, making for a chilling yet captivating image of the New England night sky. It’s hard to see a clear image of the moon in this picture. In-person, however, one is presented with an earthly-celestial work of art.

Evening Serenity

Something is calming about the twilight-evening sky when one simply gazes at the celestial imagery. This practice falls under the leisure activity of stargazing. And according to Ally Head’s article, in Good Housekeeping, a study found that “stargazing encourages ‘feelings of personal growth, positive emotions and a variety of transcendent thoughts and experiences.'”

Of course, it helps to gaze in a manner that avoids waking up with a stiff neck the next day. Ways of making the gazing experience a comfortable one includes sitting on an outdoor lounge chair, sitting on the hood of your car, or laying on the ground on a blanket. And if it’s rather nippy outside, being bundled up in a warm blanket (or a good winter jacket if it’s more than nippy) makes for a more enjoyable outdoor experience. But even if you choose to stand and look up, you’re bound to feel at peace and appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Make time to look up at the evening sky and enjoy the beauty. If you’re interested in reading more about the benefits of looking at celestial bodies, read Ally’s article. Also, check out this blog post by Holly Lebowitz Rossi.

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