Five Robins on a Cold Christmas Eve

No, this is not a line from a holiday song. It was an unexpected encounter I had today during a holiday outing.

On this frigid, Christmas Eve, I (like many other holiday buyers) was doing last-minute shopping for Christmas. Luckily, I did not need to make major purchases. I learned the hard way, many years ago, about the hassles of embarking on a shopping spree a few days before December 25th. My quest today was to seek small, fun items (e.g., peppermint bark, a $5 gift card for that favorite coffee at Dunkin Donuts) to give as stocking stuffers. 

Fortunately (and somewhat surprisingly), there were no crowds or traffic to encounter on a day when things could go entirely wrong. There were still many last-minute shoppers hurrying to get home. And stores were scheduled to close early. One thing I didn’t anticipate was encountering a flock of robins.

Wishing for Spring?

I’m accustomed to encountering one if not several robins by early spring. It’s a sight that I always found captivating along with the blooming spring foliage. But it’s nowhere near the start of spring, not to mention that the winter solstice occurred only three days ago. Is this an early harbinger of mild weather to expect in the coming weeks?

Many people across the country would undoubtedly hope for warmer weather as soon as possible. Or, at the very least, many would settle for more tolerable winter weather conditions. With arctic air and blizzard-like conditions blanketing most of the country for the past several days, anything that doesn’t involve icy roads, white-out conditions, and damaging high winds, would be a welcomed alternative. According to local and national news reports, people are hoping to ride out what the National Weather Service considered this week to be the worst winter storm in recent memory. 

Hopefully, the flock of Turdus migratorius (the scientific name for the American robin) that appeared to be unfazed by the frigid temperatures is an indication of the winter weather letting up. Weather forecasters are already predicting unseasonably mild weather for the upcoming New Year’s holiday. Hopefully, this will be the case.

Stay Safe and Be Grateful

If you happen to live in a region of the country that is experiencing severe winter weather, please take precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones warm and safe. And for those without any power, I pray it will be restored as soon as possible. And for the many people stranded at airports due to flight cancelations that resulted from this week’s severe winter weather, be grateful that you’re safe. While many of you may end up missing Christmas day with loved ones, at least they are aware you’re out of harm’s way. In the meantime, remember the true meaning of this holiday season. It’s the gift of having family and friends around you.

Wishing everyone a safe, warm, peaceful, and joyous holiday season. 

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