Wishing All Good Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health in 2023

Tomorrow morning, we’ll wake up to a new day in a new year. It’s always a blessing to wake up to a new day. And to wake up to a new day is to wake up to a beautiful day. No matter the weather or season, a new day is always a beautiful day. Let’s be thankful for waking up to a new day every day in 2022 and hope for the same in 2023.

Let’s also be thankful for the things that matter most: being in the presence of loving family and friends. Those who are unable to spend this holiday weekend with loved ones due to work or other circumstances, may you be comforted by a phone call or a note. If neither is possible, I hope you are comforted by the knowledge that others are thinking of you.   

And let’s not forget the loved one we lost this year. Light a candle as a remembrance and pray they’re resting in peace.

I wish peace, happiness, hope, faith, and good health to all in 2023.  Remember to be safe as you welcome the new year.

Pedro Antonio

© 2022 The Health-promoting Bandwagon. All rights reserved.


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