Tis’ the Season to Enjoy Celery

Photo credit: Keeping the Peas (www.keepingthepeas.com)

Celery is a recognizable vegetable known for its long, fibrous stalk that branches out to a fairly leafy tip. And for a vegetable that could be considered bland in flavor, many do not hesitate to include the Apium graveolen (its scientific name) in their diet.

Some individuals may decide to dip the green, leafy stalk in peanut butter, salsa, or hummus. Some may decide to dice it up to add to soup, a salad, or stir fry. And in the spirit of the holiday season, some may decide to create a morsel that certainly would be a healthier option compared to its sweeter, calorie-dense, holiday counterpart. However they choose to consume this popular vegetable, they’re bound to have a treat that is tasty as well as nutritious.

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