Allow Yourself to be Enraptured by a Summer Sunset on the Beach: A Health-promoting Picture Moment.


What better way to create a tranquil moment on a comfortably warm summer evening than watching the sunset on a New England beach during the last unofficial week of the season (usually the week before Labor Day). There’s indeed something captivating about sitting on a beach watching the slowly deepening blue sky blend with shades of orange and yellow while the sun dips below the horizon over a stretch of sand. Sitting by the water alone fosters a peaceful mindset that would likely help anyone forget, at least for a moment, about her or his worries or day-to-day happenings. After all, according to a 2016 article on the science news website, Live Science, natural sounds, such as moving water, are experienced as calming and peaceful. 

The picture posted above was taken this past week at West Dennis Beach in the village of West Dennis, Massachusetts. This is one of several beach towns on Cape Cod. And this is a popular, day-time destination on the Bay State peninsula to enjoy the ocean water and sea breeze during the summer months. But make no mistake. An evening jaunt to this venue is equally enjoyable. It is indeed a satisfying way to end a summer evening.

Photo credit: Health-promoting Bandwagon

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