Need Ideas to do a Health-promoting Activity Today?

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Do you need to do a health-promoting activity today? Here are some examples of things that may not come immediately to mind with respect to living healthy:

  • Give or accept a hug from someone close to you (read an interesting article on fighting stress and the common cold with a hug)
  • Park your car further from the entrance of your job or a store to extend the walking distance
  • Allow yourself to receive seven to eight hours of sleep (if you have a tendency to sleep less that seven hours)
  • Give yourself time to sit and do nothing as a way of unwinding after work or to reflect on your day
  • Stand next to your child at the bathroom sink and brush your teeth while she or he is also brushing, as a way to motivate your child to brush daily and brush well
  • Starting off each day with a do-to-list. It’s amazing how organized your life can become with a to-do-list
  • Read a story to your child at bedtime or any time you and your child consider it worthwhile

These are just a few ideas that are as important to promoting your health as are exercise and eating healthy.

Are there any other ideas that come to mind? Please share!


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